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Adult Dance

Ballet class with a twist! A combination of
classical ballet foundations, The Paula Morgan
Technique and pilates that will maximize your
caloric output, burn fat, shape, tone and leave
you feeling long, lean, confident, strong and
inspired! Emphasis will be given to reinforcing
proper body alignment, strength, flexibility,
balance and coordination while toning the entire
body through extensive use of floor work, ballet
barre and ballet centre exercises.  
This will be a truly "artistic workout."

CSDS offers a very high-energy hip hop class
for “young at heart” adults who want to bust a move!
Emphasis is on fun, freestyle movement, body
isolations, coordination, rhythm and more. This class
is excellent for building stamina, burning calories
and having a blast!

ADULT TAP  18yrs +
For the adults who love to make music with their
feet. CSDS offers a detailed and exciting tap
dance curriculum that teaches students the art of
tap dance with the use of their body as a rhythmical
instrument. Emphasizing footwork and sound, our
tap classes help to develop agility, musicality and
stylized movement. 

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