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Pilates, TYE4® & FUSIONenergy

Empowering exercise through
body-mind connection ~ Feel the Difference!

The Pilates method is a unique form of physical
conditioning that enhances strength, flexibility,
balance and coordination. When pilates is executed
properly, a deep connection between the body and
the mind is unified; therefore, you learn how to
work with your body rather than against it. Pilates
is a core-strengthening workout that is a great
physical option for everyone from stay-at-home
moms and work-from-home entrepreneurs to
professional athletes – and everyone in-between.
This class is for you – invest in yourself! 16+


TYE4®  18yrs +
The newest extension of pilates. TYE4® will have you
feeling strong and connected after just a few classes!
The challenges of a typical pilates class are enhanced
with the TYE4® bungee system; adding resistance,
coordination, fun and an overall “killer workout”!
Moan, groan and tone your way to feeling great!


An incredible and energizing "feel good" way to be fit!
This class combines the fun of rebounding and the
strength of Pilates to create a truly unique exercise class!

See the many benefits of rebounding by going to this 
website from NASA!



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